Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI)


Patented speech compression technology based on the robust MultiBand Excitation (MBE) speech model that has been proven to outperform linear predictive and other vocoder techniques.

A full line of rigorously-engineered software and hardware speech compression solutions based on the MBE speech model.

World class engineering that has developed the IMBE™ and AMBE® vocoders -- systems that have won numerous independent evaluations based upon their ability to deliver high quality speech at low bit rates and in harsh environments.  


234 Littleton Road, Westford, MA 01886

DVSI, using its proprietary voice compression technology, specializes in low-data-rate, high-quality speech compression products for wireless communications, digital storage, and other applications.

The standard setting IMBE™, AMBE® and AMBE+™ Voice Compression Technology have won numerous independent evaluations. The AMBE-1000™, AMBE-2000™ and AMBE-2020™ Vocoder Chips are off-the-shelf products that utilize DVSI's patented technology.

Computers and Multi-Media
Automotive Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Military Applications

Digital Communication Applications:
Digital Mobile Radio
Satellite Communications
Digital Voice Storage
Aircraft Communications and Inflight Telephony
Secure Communications
Internet Phone Systems
Voice Mail Systems

Management Team:

Dr. Jae S. Lim Chairman & Co-Founder
Dr. John C. Hardwick President & Co-Founder
Dr. Daniel W. Griffin Director of Research & Development
Robert Maher Director of Sales & Marketing