Applications Software Downloads USB-30xx™ Devices

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USB Vocoder Device.

Welcome to DVSI's USB-3000™ downloads page. This page contains documentation and operation software. Documentation includes a USB-30xx User's manual and an AMBE-3000™ User's Manual. The software consists of executable programs that can be used to encode or decode files and connect multiple devices to a PC. The source code for these programs is provided as an example to create customized programs. Also included on this page are sample speech and compressed speech files for testing the various vocoders available on the USB-30xx.

Download compete USB package

Complete USB Software and Documentation Package including Test Vectors (ISO file ~4.5GB)  

USB Software and Documentation Package excluding Test Vectors (Zip File ~1.8GB)  

Download individual zip files to meet specific needs

The file contains programs that can be helpful with using the USB-30xx. (Zip File ~232kB)  

The file contains up-to-date documentation pertaining to the USB-300xx. (Zip File ~4kB)  

The Visual Studio Projects file contains source code required to build the USB-30xx executables. Review of this code can be beneficial in writing customized programs to fit specific needs. (Zip File ~21MB)  

Download Linux Software Example

This file is example source code for Linux operating system that shows how to read and write packets to the USB-30xx family of devices. (tar File ~1MB)  

Download Test Vectors

USB-30xx Standard and USB-30xx P25 Test Vectors Directory (Zip File ~1.8GB)  

USB-30xx Satellite Test Vectors Directory (Zip File ~1.9GB)