Press Release

April, 2001

New Vocoder Delivers Highest-Quality Available 
at 2.0 - 9.6 kbps

Westford, Mass - Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI) has introduced a new low data rate AMBE+2TM Vocoder that sets a new standard for high-quality, high-performance speech quality at data rates from 2.0 to 9.6 kbps.

The new vocoder technology has been shown to outperform DVSI's previously industry-leading AMBE+TM Vocoder, that outperformed G.729 and G.726 vocoders while operating at only 4.0 kbps, and DVSI's baseline AMBETM vocoder technolgy. It is designed to be particularly robust and perform exceptionally well even under bit errors and acoustic background noise conditions.

Recent independent evaluations have proved that the model-based, Multi-Band Excitation algorithm provides distinct advantages over traditional CELP-based vocoders. Operating at data rates from 2.0 to 9.6 kbps, the new AMBE+2™ algorithm has achieved higher Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) than any other vocoder technology tested.

"We knew the modifications to the algorithm showed promise in our lab but the independent test results provide the proof," states Dr. John Hardwick, President of DVSI. He adds, "DVSI has again raised the bar on performance expectations for low rate vocoders for the entire industry."

The superior performance characteristics of the new AMBE+2™ Vocoder make it ideally suited for mobile radio, secure voice, satellite communications, computer telephony, and other digital voice and storage applications where bandwidth is at a premium and low data rate, high-quality is imperative.

The new AMBE+2TM Vocoder clearly illustrates why DVSI has been selected for many prominent global mobile satellite systems including: Inmarsat M and Mini-M, Iridium, ICO-Global, Thuraya, ACeS, and many others. DVSI was also chosen as the vocoder standard for the North American, APCO Project 25 public safety mobile radio system.  

Digital Voice Systems, Inc. specializes in low rate, high-quality voice compression products for use in digital communications and storage applications. Their products include vocoders, error correction schemes, test sets, and other offerings. DVSI is a leading provider of hardware and software voice coding solutions to equipment manufacturers and OEMs throughout the world.

                        AMBE™ is a registered trademark of Digital Voice Systems, Inc.                         AMBE+ is a trademark of Digital Voice Systems, Inc.                         AMBE+2 is a trademark of Digital Voice Systems, Inc.