AMBE®/IMBE™ Software


DVSI’s MBE-based software and hardware products provide cost-effective, high-quality, low-data-rate, voice coding for a wide variety of applications. These speech compression solutions meet the most stringent requirements to provide efficient implementation onto the most popular Digital Signal Processor (DSP) families.


Multi Band Excitation (MBE) was initially conceived in the mid-1980’s, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) These early researchers saw the need for a vocoder that would produce excellent speech quality in real-world conditions at low data rates. Quickly realizing that the current linear predictive models could not be significantly improved upon, work began on a fundamentally different Multi Band Excitation (MBE) speech model. This early work led to the formation of Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI), where MBE was improved and introduced into the commercial marketplace as the proprietary Improved Multi-Band Excitation (IMBE™) Vocoder. The IMBE™> Vocoder is standard on many international communication system.

As demands for lower data rates and better speech quality increases, DVSI continues to demonstrate its commitment and leadership in improving speech compression technology with its Advanced Multi-Band Excitation (AMBE®) vocoder.


The superior performance characteristics of the AMBE® and IMBE™ Vocoders have resulted in their selection for use in following domestic and international communications projects:


Digital Mobile Radio

Telephony and Communications Systems

Digital Networks