DVSI's Vocoder Samples where you can hear the differance

Listen to the Speech Quality

The high-quality and superior performance of the AMBE® vocoder technology has resulted in it being implemented worldwide in critical communication applications such as digital mobile radio and satellite systems, as well as selected as an industry standard by several committees.

To begin to appreciate AMBE® vocoder technology, one needs to listen to the high quality of processed speech and hear the ease with which you can identify and comprehend the spesker's voice (even at bitrates as low as 2.0 kbps).

To experience this, DVSI has assembled a few speech files that allow for the comparison of various AMBE® vocoder implementations, between an original source file and one that has been encoded and then decoded. Simply select the vocoder you want to hear and play the encoded /decoded file and then listen to the original to compare.

Select a vocoder and listen to its quality

AMBE+2™ Voice Samples

Male Voice

Female Voice

MB_HTC™ Voice Samples

Male Voice Sample 1

Male Voice Sample 2

Female Voice Sample 1

Female Voice Sample 2