AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip


Digital Voice System's AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip is an extremely flexible, low-cost, voice compression solution that is ideal for commercial, consumer and military mobile radio communication applications. As the latest addition to DVSI's family of high performance vocoder chips, the AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip operates in full and half-duplex modes and boast a built-in 16-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC in a small footprint design that makes it easy to integrate and requiring minimal power.

Please Note: All AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chips are SOLD OUT.   DVSI is unable to estimate when there will be any stock available .   We are working with our supplier to remedy the situation but to date there is no further information available.

The AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip uses proven technology to deliver a level of performance and reliability typically associated only with customized ASICs, but without the associated risks and high development costs. With small quantity, off-the-shelf availability and no licensing fees or royalties, engineers and original equipment manufacturers are able to efficiently design and affordably produce high performance, narrowband, low-volume communication equipment.

The AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip implements DVSI's patented AMBE+2™ Voice Compression Algorithm that can operate at virtually any data rate from 2.0 to 9.6 kbps. The built-in FEC supports block and convolution codes with up to four bits of Viterbi soft decision decoding.

With this high degree of flexibility, the user can optimize speech and Forward Error Correction (FEC) rates to provide exceptional robustness to background noise and intelligible speech in degraded channel conditions, even with bit errors (BER) of up to 20%. This level of performance can lead to the successful development and deployment of wireless communication systems in the most demanding environments.

The AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip offers several features in addition to the built-in 16-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC, such as an interface for low-cost digital microphone, automatic Voice/Silence Detection (VAD), adaptive comfort noise insertion (CNI), DTMF and Call Progress Tone detection/regeneration, and low power modes. Additionally, the AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip includes serial interfaces for vocoder configuration, status information, as well as transferring speech and compressed data bits to/from the chip's encoder and decoder. The numerous advanced design features not only ease the design constraints of half-duplex systems, but also reduces additional hardware requirements.

The AMBE-4020™ vocoder chip offers our customers tremendous flexibility in the design of high performance, narrowband, push-to-talk equipment. This small, low-cost platform enables engineers and Original Equipment Manufacturers to efficiently produce mobile radio and other wireless communication solutions where bandwidth is at a premium and high quality voice is crucial to success.

The AMBE-4020™ vocoder chip's low-power requirements allows it to be easily incorporated into base band circuit where ultra-low-power consumption is critical. In a typical push-to-talk communication system AMBE-4020™ vocoder chip's uses 28mW during encode, 18 mW for decode, less than 15uw in sleep mode. the chip's small form factor (80-pin lqfp or 121 map bga package) provides design flexibility in circuit boards where board real estate is at a premium.

As another member DVSI's family of advanced voice compression products, the AMBE-4020™ has interoperable modes that provide a seamless migration path from systems already using DVSI's AMBE-3000™ , AMBE-2000™ and AMBE-1000™ Vocoder Chips.

AMBE-2000™ Chip Rates YES
AMBE-3000™ Chip Rates YES*
APCO Project 25 Half Rate NO
APCO Project 25 Full Rate NO
TerreStar NO
MexSat NO
GlobalStar NO

(* NOTE: The following AMBE-3000™ built-in rates are not supported: 33-37, 47, and 51-55. As a result, MotoTRBO, DMR, dPMR, NXDN and APCO Project 25 Half Rate are not supported as indicted above.)

The value of DVSI's AMBE® Voice Compression Technology goes beyond low bit rate and voice quality. It has been thoroughly evaluated and tested by international manufacturers under various conditions using a variety of languages. This assures the user is getting the best vocoder available and makes the DVSI vocoder the logical choice without the need for additional comparison tests. Plus the fact, that DVSI's Voice Compression technology has been implemented worldwide for more than 25 years, delivers the added security of a field proven technology that can play a key role in making any communication system an overall success.

Design Flexibility/Low Cost Integration

  • Superior voice quality, DVSI's latest generation half duplex AMBE+2™ Vocoder Technology
  • Maximizes channel bandwidth efficiency supports data-rates from 2.0 kbps to 9.6 kbps
  • User selectable forward error correction rates - 50 bps to 7.2 kbps
  • Excellent performance at low data rates and harsh environments
  • Robustness to acoustic background noise and channel bit errors
  • Advanced features like Noise Suppression, Improved Error Mitigation, and Soft Decision FEC Decoding
  • Supports a-law and u-law companding via I2S interface
  • DTMF detection and regeneration with North American call progress tones
  • Integrated 16-bit ADC / 12-bit DAC and vocoder in one chip
  • Works with most low-cost A/D-D/A codecs
  • Input Interfaces available internal ADC or digital mic or I2S
  • Output interfaces available: internal DAC or I2S
  • Interface for low-cost digital microphone
  • Push-to-talk Half-duplex Operation
  • Very low power consumption - Ideal for portable mobile devices
  • Small compact footprint design
  • 80 pin 12mm x 12mm LQFP or 121 ball 8mm x 8mm BGA package available
  • No licensing fees or royalties
  • Off-the-shelf availability for quick delivery