DVSI's Hardware Solutions Ideal for Custom Applications

DVSI’s hardware products provide high-quality, low data-rate, voice compression solutions that are available off-the-shelf and require no up-front licensing fees or royalties. All hardware products incorporate DVSI's patented AMBE+2™ Voice Compression Algorithm and can operate at virtually any data rate from 2.0 to 9.6 kbps. With this high degree of flexibility, speech and FEC rates can be optimized to provide excellent voice quality with superior robustness to bit errors and acoustic background noise. All products offer number of advanced features, including error correction, DTMF tones, echo cancellation, scalable data rates, soft- decision coding and voice activation/noise insertion.

DVSI’s line of hardware products is designed so that original equipment manufacturers can cost effectively integrate DVSI’s AMBE+2™ vocoder technology into production of low-volume, high-performance communication equipment that is affordable and inexpensive to operate.

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Please Note: All AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chips are SOLD OUT.   DVSI is unable to estimate when there will be any stock available .   We are working with our supplier to remedy the situation but to date there is no further information available.

AMBE+2™ Vocoder Chip Products

(Hardware Development Kits also available)

DVSI's patented AMBE® voice compression software has been proven to outperform CELP, RELP, VSELP, MELP, ECELP, MP-MLQ, LPC-10, and other competitive technologies.

The AMBE® voice compression algorithm's low complexity allows it to be fully integrated into low cost, low power integrated circuits. DVSI's vocoder chips provide a high degree of flexibility in selecting the speech and FEC (Forward Error Correction) data rates. The vocoder chips maintain natural voice quality and speech intelligibility at rates from 2.0 kbps to 9.6 kbps. DVSI's Vocoder Chips are used in applications throughout the world, including digital mobile radio and other wireless communication systems.

AMBE+2™ USB Products

(Featuring the AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip)

The Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI) USB-3000™ is the perfect combination of the AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip with a USB interface. Connect the USB-3000™ to a Windows-based PC's USB interface and get direct access to DVSI's AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip.

AMBE+2™ Vocoder - Family of USB Devices

AMBE+2™ Vocoder HDKs

(Development tools for AMBE+2™ Vocoder Chips)

Hardware Development kits are available as a comprehensive, evaluation, test and development platform that helps product designers and manufacturing engineers gain experience with DVSI's AMBE-4020™ or AMBE-3000™ vocoder chips.

AMBE Vocoder Development Kits

Net-2000™ Voice Codec Units

(Various Implementations of AMBE® and AMBE+2™ Vocoders)

The Net-2000™ (VCU) incorporates DVSI's voice compression technology to bridge analog speech I/O to an Ethernet network. There are various versions of the Net-2000™-VCU that support a variety of vocoders used in voice compression digital communication systems.

Net-2000™ Voice Codec Unit Family

All International Orders are Subject to US Export Rules and Regulations.